Would you like to put your business on the Map?

Deadline 31 October 2018

The first edition 2015 Chorlton map was a great success in promoting Chorlton as a shopping and leisure destination. It highlighted Chorlton as a desirable place to live, work and visit and encouraged people to shop locally and support independent businesses.

30,000 were available in businesses, hotels, libraries, hospitals, stations, petrol stations, shops, markets, events, business/ leisure parks and further afield at airports, theatres – and anywhere else CTA members and Associates could put them! Maps were delivered to residents’ homes too. Large, outdoor versions of the map were strategically placed by the tram station, the library and on Beech Road. Bulk orders were also requested and delivered for wedding / party guests and visiting company employees.

The 2015 map had its own website and we ran the Chorlton Gift Vouchers project, the Chorlton Events feed, the Chorlton TAG! loyalty scheme for independents and our eco-cotton So Chorlton bag and stickers. We’ll be doing the whole thing again to promote Chorlton in 2019.

Please do join us and feature on the second edition. 40,000 copies will be produced, featuring a broad selection of participating local businesses, again, all members of either Chorlton Traders or Beech Road Traders and covering all main areas of Chorlton. Your neighbours are on it. Don’t miss out!

Joining in and working together for Chorlton  

You need to be a member of Chorlton Traders or Beech Road Traders to feature on the map. Chorlton Traders isn’t just for shops, though – all local businesses, from spare-bedroom freelancers and sole traders to e-commerce companies and major employers – can join and be listed on the map, whether you’re on the high street or not.

All members are also most welcome to attend monthly Chorlton Traders meetings – but if you can’t make it, that’s fine. You’ll receive comprehensive minutes to keep up-to-date with all things Chorlton – planning, projects, policing, council business and lots more. You can join our FREE Shop & Pub watch too – share intelligence and tip off neighbours about crime and anti-social behaviour.

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The all-important costs

Large entries on the new Chorlton Map include a hand-drawn sketch and a 25-word profile. These are limited in number and cost £275 (£250 if you had a large spot on our 2015 map).

Small map entries cost £90 (£80 if you paid for a spot on our 2015 map)

If you’re a paid-up member of the our Chorlton TAG! Loyalty scheme for independents a further discount of £10 to your map fee will apply. This is in recognition of the fact that our TAG! Scheme members pay an annual membership fee of £35 (including cards) and then also give a discount or reward to cardholders thereby, as a group, promoting, encouraging and rewarding shopping locally and independently in Chorlton.

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