These traders (all featured on the Chorlton Map) will accept Chorlton Vouchers in payment or part-payment for good and services. All are members of Chorlton Traders or Beech Road Traders Associations. There are lots to choose from – happy shopping!

A J ADAMS FRUIT & VEG15 Chorlton Place0161 881 1349Shopping
ABBEY LODGE B&B501 Wilbraham Rd0161 862 9266@abbeylodgebandbServices & Online
AMT LAWYERS436 Barlow Moor Rd0161 881 4738@amt_lawyersServices & Online
ANNA VIOLET ILLUSTRATORannaviolet@btinternet.com0161 881 4173@annadvioletArts & Craft
BAR SAN JUAN56 Beech Rd@yahoobarsanjuanFood & Drink
BARBAKAN DELICATESSEN67-71 Manchester Rd0161 881 7053@barbakandeliFood & Drink
BATTERY PARK615A Wilbraham Rd0161 860 0754Food & Drink
THE BEAGLE456-458 Barlow Moor Rd0161 881 8596@beaglesaboutFood & Drink
BEECH NOOK THERAPY ROOMOn cobbles behind 115 Beech Rd0161 861 7468Health & Beauty
BEECH ROAD TRADERSBeech Rd@beechroadtraderServices & Online
BELL SURGERY453 Barlow Moor Rd0161 881 2128Health & Beauty
THE BIKE BARNOutside Jacksons Boat, Rifle Rd07885 458 473Community & Sport
BLOSSOM FLOWERS97 Manchester Rd0161 881 4567@blossomchorltonShopping
THE BOWLING GREEN HOTELBrookburn Rd0161 860 2800@thebowlinggreenFood & Drink
BROUGHTON PARK FC (RUGBY UNION)2 Houghend Crescent0161 861 0854@broughtonparkfcCommunity & Sport
BUCKTHORN HOUSE FOOD BANK2-4 Buckthorn Close07938 191038Community & Sport
BUDDHA BEAUTYThe Coach House, 115 Beech Rd0161 971 3468@bbuddhabeautyHealth & Beauty
CAFFEINE & COLongford Park Bungalow07787 118578@caffeineandcoFood & Drink
CELEBRATION ONE STOP PARTY SHOP515 Barlow Moor Rd0161 881 0888@cpschorltonShopping
CHAPATI CAFE496 Wilbraham Rd0161 425 1320@chapaticafeFood & Drink
THE CHERRY ORCHARD CAFE9a Oswald Rd07855 314626@cherrychorltonFood & Drink
CHIN UP DUCK COPYWRITINGonline07503 004012@chinupduckServices & Online
CHORLTON BOOKSHOP506 Wilbraham Rd0161 881 6374@chorltonbkshopShopping
Barlow Moor Rd0161 448 7225Community & Sport
CHORLTON VOICE21 Hartley Road07751 696 055@ChorltonvoicecsCommunity & Sport
Wilbrahams & St Ninians Church, Egerton Rd South
0161 881 2925@chorltongoodneiCommunity & Sport
CHORLTON IRISH CLUB17 High Lane0161 881 2898@chorltonirishCommunity & Sport
CHORLTON LOCKSMITHS615B Wilbraham Rd0161 881 8502@chorltonlocksmiServices & Online
CHORLTON PLANT NURSERY18A Vicars Rd0161 881 8142Shopping
CHORLTONIANS FCHough End Centre, Mauldeth Rd West@chorltoniansfcCommunity & Sport
COCOA TREE492 Wilbraham Rd0161 881 1669@cocoatreemcrFood & Drink
COUNSELLING ROOMS C.I.CTrafalgar House, High Lane07742 789794@croomscicFood & Drink
CRACKING GOOD FOODOnline07910 673113@crackingfoodCommunity & Sport
CREATIVE RECYCLING40 Beech Rd0161 881 4422Arts & Craft
CROMA500 Wilbraham Rd0161 881 1117@cromapizzaFood & Drink
THE DRESSING ROOM CAFEThe Edge Theatre, Manchester Rd0161 282 9776@dressingroommcrFood & Drink
DULCIMER BAR567 Wilbraham Rd0161 860 6444@dulcimerbarFood & Drink
ECOSPHERIC LTD3 The Thorns@ecosphericServices & Online
THE FONT115-117 Manchester Rd0161 871 2022@thefontchorltonFood & Drink
HEAD OVER HEELSUnit 1A, Albany Trading Estate0161 881 4433Community & Sport
HORSE AND JOCKEY9 The Green0161 860 7794@horsejockeyFood & Drink
HOUSE OF BYSTANDER GALLERY38 Beech Rd0161 860 6699@h_o_b_galleryArts & Craft
J & B RICHARDSONS BAKERS95 Beech Rd0161 881 6011Shopping
J P & BRIMELOW430 Barlow Moor Rd0161 882 2244@jpandbrimelowProperty & Finance
KADAMPA BUDDHIST CENTRE WORLD PEACE CAFE76 High Lane0161 861 7012@kmcmanchesterFood & Drink
THE LEAD STATION99 Beech Rd0161 881 5559@theleadstationFood & Drink
LOVE LUCY BOUTIQUE109 Beech Rd0161 881 7107@lovelucymancShopping
Chorlton Green Market & Chorlton Street Market
07746 867 090@lushbrowniesShopping
MAINE RD FOOTBALL CLUBSt Margarets Centre, Brantingham Rd0161 431 8243@maineroadfcCommunity & Sport
MCQUEEN INDEPENDENT54 Beech Rd0161 881 4718@mcqindependentShopping
THE ELK of CHORLTON48 Beech Rd@TheElkChorltonFood & Drink
MOVEABLE FEASTSChorlton Green Market07730 563196@mfeastsShopping
OPEN UP CHORLTON MAGAZINEonline07875 895 604@OpenUpMagsServices & Online
PASSION FRUIT COFFEE HOUSE486 Wilbraham Rd07928 632759@passionfruitmcrFood & Drink
Hardy Lane07531 851 533Community & Sport
SOUTH WEST MANCHESTER CRICKET CLUBEllesmere Rd0161 881 1921Community & Sport
STITCHED UP CO-OPERATIVE527B Wilbraham Rd0161 881 7141@stitchedupukArts & Craft
TEA HIVE53 Manchester Rd0161 881 0569@teahivetweetsFood & Drink
THAI SPICE66A Beech Rd0161 881 0400Food & Drink
TOM BIDDLE DESIGNOnline07989 430807@biddle_tomArts & Craft
VEGETARIAN KITCHENOutside Unicorn (On Saturdays)07925 762435Food & Drink
WILBRAHAMS OF CHORLTON504 Wilbraham Rd0161 881 0375@wilbrahamsShopping
YUCK PRINT HOUSE36 Manchester Rd07984 318227@yuckprinthouseArts & Craft